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Saturday, January 19, 2019
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Sunday, September 30, 2018, 08:28:35
  • 115700.jpg
    "This cassava and buko cake with coconut milk offers a unique dessert to tempt any palate."
    Hits: 188
  • 115699.JPG
    "This is an authentic, vegetarian, simple, and colorful main dish served with fluffy basmati rice or chapatis. I'm from India and I completely adore Indian cooking; I hope you like this recipe. A word of caution: it...
    Hits: 183
  • 1892936.jpg
    "A typical dish from Asturias, Spain. The best way to eat beans!"
    Hits: 161
  • 115697.jpg
    "Make this summer relish for hot dogs and burgers. Great - kids love it!"
    Hits: 327
  • 115696.jpg
    "Congee is rice cooked with large amounts of water or chicken stock. It is good for convalescents, as it is meant for a tired stomach. The Chinese eat congee for breakfast and supper. It be accompanied by eggs,...
    Hits: 152
  • 1965129.jpg
    "Artichokes unlike others. The smaller the artichoke, the more tender the heart will be."
    Hits: 153
  • 115694.jpg
    "Corn baked in banana leaves with spices. This is something I created. I hope you like. Also you may want to chop up onions and cilantro and add over the mixture before you wrap it up. Throw it on the grill until...
    Hits: 157
  • 115693.jpg
    "Very delicious rice pilaf with dried fruits, chicken, and nuts. Great way to liven up leftover chicken or pork. Also a wonderful dish for a vegetarian option if you omit the chicken."
    Hits: 195
  • 115692.jpg
    "A new way to cook a whole chicken. It's a one-pot meal that's very satisfying and warming."
    Hits: 195
  • 115691.jpg
    "This recipe was handed down from my husband's Sicilian grandmother to his mother and now to me. This is a wonderful recipe that is a favorite of the entire family. And it's easy, too. Not a 'traditional American'...
    Hits: 144
  • 115690.jpg
    "Buttery cookies that just melt in your mouth! Every Thanksgiving I have to make like 3 batches and they go soooooo fast! They're great for Christmas goodies as well. They taste great at room temperature, in the...
    Hits: 169
  • 996599.jpg
    "Art's Italian Potato Stuffed Mushrooms is chock full of our favorite Italian foods including Idahoan's Romano White Cheese Flavored Mashed Potatoes."
    Hits: 157
  • 115688.jpg
    "A delicious fruity punch. Great for your next party."
    Hits: 126
  • 115687.jpg
    "These are tasty and a little sticky, but sticky is good when it comes to ribs."
    Hits: 168
  • 115686.jpg
    "This fish soup is SO SIMPLE, DELICIOUS, and amazingly HEALTHY for you! You can make it with things you probably already have in your fridge and is great served with a cup of rice! Try it with frozen albacore tuna...
    Hits: 164
  • 115685.png
    "A Scandinavian recipe for a delicious berry drink, translated for me by a friend. Good for any kind of berry. When ready to drink, add small amount of saft to a glass of water, to taste. Add more sugar as needed;...
    Hits: 225
  • 115684.jpg
    "German recipe made with sorghum and anise. Soothing to the tummy."
    Hits: 210
  • 115683.jpg
    "This is a different type of brisket recipe with an Eastern European Jewish influence. Unlike most briskets that are cooked in the oven, this brisket is simmered on the stove. Best prepared a day or so in advance....
    Hits: 179
  • 115682.jpg
    "Light and festive, this is a crowd pleaser for kids and adults."
    Hits: 135
  • 115681.jpg
    "Leeks are the secret ingredient that make this recipe really shine. I love it spicy, but this recipe can easily be tweaked to all spiciness tastes. Rice noodles can be used in place of spaghetti."
    Hits: 148
  • 115680.jpg
    "Years ago while living in West Africa, our cook taught me how to make this popular dish served in restaurants and at many cultural celebrations in West Africa. It has been a family favorite ever since."
    Hits: 172
  • 115679.jpg
    "Plan 2 weeks for prep! 'Gray Corned Beef' omits the meat pinking saltpeter, which isn't the traditional preparation method anyway; this version will taste 'beefier.' The result is far less salty than...
    Hits: 239
  • 115678.jpg
    "My mother is from the Caribbean and this is the chutney I grew up with. It's a lot easier to make than many other versions of chutney."
    Hits: 138
  • 2171790.jpg
    "Tons of veggies and a splash of orange juice give this stir-fry a bright color and a tangy taste."
    Hits: 153
  • 115676.jpeg
    "The French 75 cocktail was originally created at the New York Bar in Paris in 1915. The combination of gin, lemon juice, Champagne, and sugar was said to have a kick like a French 75mm field gin. Serve with...
    Hits: 159
  • 115675.jpg
    "A family favorite! Everyone loves the soft and sweet texture of this amazingly simple way of making egg halwa. The traditional halwa usually takes up to 3 hours for cooking; this recipe reduces it to 15 minutes...
    Hits: 168
  • 115674.jpg
    "Very easy to make and my guests enjoy it a lot! It can be served as an appetizer, or over a bed of rice as a quick weekday dinner! I usually marinate the night before to give it more flavor, but if it's a...
    Hits: 322
  • 115673.JPG
    "This is an old Sicilian recipe given to me by my MIL."
    Hits: 153
  • 115672.jpg
    "In the subcontinent, particularly Pakistan, pulao (steamed fragrant rice) is a very popular dish. Very easy to cook and very authentic taste. You will love the simplicity yet tastefulness of this dish. Serve as-is...
    Hits: 165
  • 115671.jpg
    "A traditional Danish lunch item. Spread some on rye bread and top with cucumber or tomatoes or anything that takes your fancy. Makes a great addition to Danish smorgesbord. This should keep for 5 to 7 days in the...
    Hits: 172
  • 115670.jpg
    "If you love pate, you will love this creamy chicken liver recipe that has a bit of a kick! Serve on toasted baguettes or sturdy crackers."
    Hits: 154
  • 4514310.jpg
    "My family loves this recipe, it's the best chocolate cake ever!"
    Hits: 200
  • 115666.jpg
    "This one's for you. Filipinos' all-time favorite food."
    Hits: 430
  • 115665.jpg
    "What can you do with all those turkey bones left over from your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner? Chinese congee or jook (Cantonese) is an excellent dish to make with those bones and leftover meat. Scrumptious and...
    Hits: 164
  • 115664.jpg
    "Congee, a Chinese rice porridge, will make any cold winter's day warm and welcoming. This recipe, also known as 'jook', was inspired by my Grandmother's frequent preparation of this dish. You will enjoy congee's...
    Hits: 163