Assortment Can Help Boost Healthy Beverage Sales

Messaging and assortment within cooler doors can encourage sales of healthy beverages in convenience stores, according to pilot tests by NACS in conjunction with the Project on Nutrition and Wellness and the Cornell Food and Brand Lab. One test involving moving zero- and low-calorie beverages at eye level and/or to the top of the case resulted in a 21.3 percent increase in sales of water, enhanced waters, functional beverages, and diet soda over the control weeks. In addition, NACS notes other drinks did not suffer during that time, as total purchase of goods increased by 11.7 percent.

However, a test using just a messaging campaign to increase awareness and sales of bottled 100 percent juice resulted in a slight decline in juice sales. The graphics featured tomato juice, orange juice, and apple juice, with taglines reading: “Drink Your Veggies,” “Get Juiced Early” and “Ultimate Energy Drink!” 

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