Is This Scottish Plant the Next Health Food Trend?

Corn gromwell could be the next big health food trend. The plant, also known as field gromwell, is part of the borage family, which includes borage, fiddleneck, lungwort, and oysterplant.

Corn gromwell is usually considered a weed in countries where it is invasive, but in its native country, Scotland, it is now being grown as a crop because of its high levels of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Fish is the most common source of these nutrients, but corn gromwell has even higher levels in its seeds.

The European Union awarded the plant the status of “Novel Food” to designate that is relatively new, but safe and approved for consumption. In Scotland, more than 30 farmers have begun planting it, seeing it as a possible new superfood. It will most likely be marketed under the name AhiFlower, reported Modern Farmer. Full Story

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