NY Ice Cream Parlor Introduces Hot Floats

A Canadian frozen treat made its way to Buffalo, N.Y., with Lake Effect Ice Cream staying open during the winter and introducing Warm Front Floats, which replace the traditional soda with warm drinks. Bowls are filled with the cafe’s ice cream, and then either hot chocolate or apple cider is poured on top and whipped cream and sauce is added.

The floats are further accentuated with one of four sides: chocolate s’more, which includes toasted marshmallows; peanut butter cup, which has peanut brittle; Caramel Crackle, with apple-flavored Pop Rocks and salted caramel; and Lemon Bee Hive, with local honey candies. The floats are eaten with a special soup spoon that resembles a ladle, which helps mix the ingredients and ensures a hearty portion with each sip, reports The Buffalo NewsFull Story

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