Crumbs to Return as Wider-Ranging Bake Shop

After nearly two months in limbo, Crumbs Bake Shop is reopening. Its return is thanks to Lemonis Fischer Acquisition Co., owned by Marcus Lemonis, a CNBC television personality and businessman. Lemonis Fischer placed a $6.5 million bid to buy the bakery chain, which went unchallenged. The business initially offered $1 million to to prevent Crumbs from filing for bankruptcy, but ultimately the specialty cupcake maker had to do so. Following the final bid, after Aug. 19 he became the sole owner of the chain. Crumbs will officially move out of bankruptcy at the end of August, according to the company. Lemonis says his plans for the store are to turn it into a bake shop with a wider-ranging selection of prodcuts, reports New York PostFull Story


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