Harvard Students Create Cake Batter in a Can

John McCallum was looking for a better way to make cake. He was studying at Harvard University when he thought of the idea for cake in a can for a school project, and after showing it to classmate Brooke Nowakowski, the two decided it had more potential. The product uses a whipped cream–style aerosol can and needs no baking soda or baking powder; the air bubbles allow it to rise. The team worked to perfect the cake, ultimately coming up with Spray Cake, which is currently in the process of being patented.

The cake bakes in about one minute in the microwave to cook, and its makers claim it tastes the same as a traditional cake. What’s more, it’s said to be more versatile than traditional cake mixes as users can opt to make just one cupcake at a time or any number or size of cake, and the batter stays good in the fridge until users are ready to bake more. It also has more potential for flavor options, such as chocolate and vanilla in one can, because the batter is thicker and won’t run together, reports The Boston GlobeFull Story


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