NYC Sweet Shop Creates Ice Cream Ramen

The Dessert Kitchen in New York City is serving up ice cream ramen, a treat the owners created in Hong Kong. Unlike ice cream formed to look like Cup Noodles or put into a bowl of traditional ramen, desserts available elseewhere, The Dessert Kitchen offers its ramen on top of a bowl of ice and fruit, with the noodles designed to be part of the experience. They are kanten, or agar, noodles, translucent and typically used in Jello-like desserts. The agar is cooked with water and sugar while in sheet form, then cut into the noodle shape. A bowl is filled with crushed ice that has evaporated milk poured over it, then mochi balls, frozen cantaloupe balls and mango chunks added for more flavor. The kanten noodles are draped on top, and the whole concoction is called “Ice Stream” due to the way it looks like a stream of water, reports Today. Full Story

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