Specialty Pickler Moving Home Production to Commercial Kitchen

Thanks to advances in food preservation techniques, today’s pickling methods aren’t just about making sure vegetables are on the shelf during the cold winter months. It’s about preserving with a punch—adding herbs and spices like cayenne, horseradish, black pepper and habanero to infuse the tasty jarred bites, says Jason Poole, co-owner of Sacramento-based Preservation & Co. So he’s moving Preservation & Co. into a 3,200-square-foot space on 19th Street, and building a commercial kitchen. Along with the commercial kitchen, the space will include a retail section toward the front, so customers can buy pickled asparagus, green beans, spicy carrots, red beets and the bloody mary mix. There will be an emphasis on locally produced, shelf-stable, unique food products, as well as culinary gadgets that can prove difficult to find locally, reports Sacramento Press. Full Story


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