Whether for dipping, to accompany a cheese plate, or just to enjoy on its own, there is a specialty cracker or crisp for every eating occasion. Here are some favorites from specialty retailer buyers from across the U.S.


Sam Sevince, Amish Market, New York

  • Carr’s Entertainment Cracker Collection
  • Ka-Me Wasabi Rice Crackers
  • Kii Cranberry Pumpkin Seed Artisan Crisps
  • Mary’s Gone Crackers Original Crackers
  • RW Garcia Organic Sweet Beet Crackers

Hunter Fike, Di Bruno Bros., Philadelphia

  • Di Bruno Bros. Rosemary Crostini
  • Firehook Rosemary Sea Salt Crackers
  • Ines Rosales Original Olive Oil Torta
  • Maine Crisps Cinnamon Maple Crisps

“Firehook has driven the growth in our cracker category over the last two years. We offer the Sea Salt, Rosemary, and Garlic-Thyme varieties, though there are many more that would sell if we had space on the shelves. Customers like that they’re sturdy, the packaging allows them to maintain their form, and they work in a variety of applications.” —Hunter Fike, Di Bruno Bros., Philadelphia

Matt Caputo, Caputo’s Food Market and Deli, Salt Lake City

  • Danieli Taralli Cipolla e Uvetta
  • Jan’s Farmhouse Crisps
  • Mitica Fennel Taralli
  • Mitica Toketti di Pane Carasau
  • Sheridans Cheesemongers Irish Mixed-Seed Crackers

Sue Taub, Holbrook Cottage, Briarcliff Manor, NY

  • Castleton Crackers Multi-Seed Rye Crackers
  • Castleton Crackers Simply Wheat Crackers
  • Kent and Fraser Cracked Black Pepper & Smoked Sea Salt Criscuits
  • Potter’s Crackers Caramelized Onion Artisan Crackers
  • Potter’s Crackers Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps

Mike Lederman, Joanna’s Marketplace, Miami

  • 2s Company Cracked Pepper Wafer Crackers
  • 2s Company Sesame Seed Wafer Crackers
  • Parm Crisps Oven Baked Cheddar Crisps
  • Potter’s Crackers Caramelized Onion Artisan Crackers
  • Potter’s Crackers Cranberry Hazelnut Crisps
  • Saffron Road Oven Baked Ancient Grain Lentil Crackers

“The cracker/crisp category is a vital and strong category. For any market that sells cheese, dips, spreads, and deli-style salads, they are the logical accompaniment. And, of course gluten-free options are a must.” —Mike Lederman, Joanna’s Marketplace, Miami

Evelyn Ignatow, Hyde Park Gourmet, Cincinnati

  • Every Body Eat Sea Salt Chia Thins
  • The Fine Cheese Co. Fine English Oatcakes
  • Mitica Toketti di Pane Carasau
  • Ritrovo L’Ultimo Forno Tarallini al Pecorino
  • Ritrovo Truffle & Salt Lily Pops

“Mitica’s Toketti di Pane Carasau are satisfying, bite-sized snacks made from the traditional Sardinian flatbread called Pane Carasau. Dating back to ancient times, it is a thin and crispy bread made with semolina. Due to its long shelf life, it was common among shepherds who traversed the island with their flocks for seasons at a time.” —Evelyn Ignatow, Hyde Park Gourmet, Cincinnati


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